The Chinese Room, 2003

3D computer animation, 13 min Digital Beta / DVD

"“The Chinese Room” looks at the problem of interpreting new forms of visual evidence that arise in surveillance culture. The theme of watching and being watched suggests the allure of technologically mediated intimacy, but at the same time it speaks to the threat of inescapable surveillance. The 3D animated characters that populate the narrative invoke the animation industry ideal of simulated actors, which has arisen from a research agenda driven by the goal of doing something purely because it can technically be done. Yet in "real world" terms it could come to displace working actors. The epistemological problem of what we can know about each other which is posed in this work, extends in a continuum from everyday interpersonal contact that is turned into fodder for reality T.V., into the social realm where alienation and paranoia result."

- Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, VIDA 6.0, Art & Artificial Life International Competition, 2003, Honorary Mention

Photos of Chinese Room