The Chinese Room (Installation), 2003

The Chinese Room is a participatory installation, where the viewer assumes the role as a voyeur in a surveillance room. The viewer can choose from several different video channels representing surveillance camera footage. The viewer can follow two animated characters, as they go about their daily life, watching each other on the screens occupying both their living spaces and offices. There is a camera surmounted on the wall of the installation, as well, recording the viewer who occasionally can see her or himself on the screen in front of the animated character. The viewer is both watching and being watched.

Programming by Lauri Hyvärinen.

The installation was exhibited in the Mediatek of Kiasma Contemporary Museum of Art in Helsinki, spring 2003 (curator: Perttu Rastas) as well as in the group exhibition Fast Forward at Nassauicher Kunstverein spring 2004 (Curator: Elke Gruhn).

Photos of Chinese Room Installation