The Other Side of Mars

We already are on Mars - by means of the cameras used by Mars science missions. What can we know - and not know- via images?

NASA Mars 2020 rover mission roboticist and Curiosity -rover driver Vandi Verma works on Mars on a daily basis from her desk at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Los Angeles. Her work of navigating the rover in the Martian terrain relies to a large part on images and the technologicall use of them. The Other Side of Mars is a philosophical journey into the world of Martian photography. Through the lenses of various experts, we learn how NASA's' images are made, used and manipulated for the sake of science, but also for reaching the public. Mars is the ideal place for an investigation into our paradoxical relationship to photography. Do images reflect reality or shape it?

The film will have its Finnish premiere at the Doc Point Festival, Helsinki, January 30th, 2019.

Country: Finland
Shot in: California, USA
Year of completion: 2019
Length: 56 min
Format: DCP

Appearing in the film:

Vandi Verma
Rob Manning
Dawn Sumner
Janet Vertesi
Grant Wythoff

Written and directed by: Minna Långström
Produced by Liisa Karpo
Cinematography: Päivi Kettunen FSC
Sound design: Pelle Venetjoki
Music: Mira Calix
Editing: Minna Långström
Additional Editing: Nina Ijäs
Production Company: napafilms oy

Supported by Kone Foudation. Production support: The Finnish Film Foundation / Piia Nokelainen, AVEK / Outi Rousu, in co-operation with YLE / Sari Volanen.

Photos of The Other SIde of Mars