Thin Membrane / Ohut Kalvo / Den Tunna Hinnan

Thin Membrane ("Den Tunna Hinnan" /"Ohut Kalvo") is a video installation with a five channel surround soundtrack.

The installation consists of a built in structure representing a part of a wall of a residential house. On the wall there is a window.  The window acts as a frame for the video. The video shows what would be seen through the window; a group of friends having a nice dinner together. However, the dinner is occasionally interrupted by electric cuts, darkening the window. When the glass is darkened, a reflection of the viewer is seen on the window's glass surface, the thin film or membrane that separates the viewer from the people inside.

The piece is inspired by a short story in the anthology "Fortællinger om natten" (Tales of the Night) by the Danish author Peter Høeg, about the theatrical rituals of an early 20th century aristocrat family. The installation Thin Membrane, is transferring the setting to a contemporary petite bourgeois version, redusing the narrative to that of visually witnessing the social ceremonies of two couples having a dinner in a mundane setting. The viewer can not hear the words uttered by the four people behind the window, only follow the gestures of the people inside. The piece is exploring togetherness - and the flip side of the coin: otherness - in the context of the antiquated idea of national identity. The piece was part of an exhibition in the Turku gallery Titanik, 31.1-24.2 2013, which dealt with the complex questions of xenophobia versus compassion within the context of contemporary Finnish society. Thin Membrane was later shown at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in a group exhibition presenting the works of eight Finnish contemporary artists.

For more information about the installation, please refer to the video presentation:

Thin Membrane / Den Tunna Hinnan / Ohut Kalvo from Minna Långström on Vimeo.

Actors / Näyttelijät: Jussi Ollila, Marika Salomaa-Kivelä, Silja Sauros ja Fabian Silén

Camera / Kuvaus: Ville Tanttu (Camera used: RED Epic)

Sound recording and mixing / Äänitys ja miksaus: Kimmo Vänttinen

Set design / Lavastus: Anne Karttunen

Lighting design / Valaisuassistentti: Paco Bouazza

Filming assistants/ Assistentit kuvauksissa: Kristin Wiking, Meri Linna

Carpentry / Puutyöt: Nuutti Koskinen, Sakari Tervo

Thanks / Kiitokset: Anna ja Tomas Mäki

Elements in the set design kindly lent to the production by Marimekko, Iittala and Secto Design Finland.

The exhibition the installation in TItanik gallery was part of was made possible thanks to a grant from AVEK - Center for Audiovisual Culture and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Photos of Thin Membrane