Att smälta / Sulaminen / To Melt

Can we not repeat history? Somewhere in time a person carries a package, then drops it to the ground with a crash. Someone else explores the content of the box. The story is repeated in what first appears to be an endless loop.

The four channel video installation To Melt (2014) is an audiovisual poem about intergenerational transmissions of memories. The fictional space in the film as well as the installation itself underlines a narrative structure built on repetition. The viewer is enticed to follow the characters walking away from the viewer, moving from screen to screen, counter clockwise, against history.

The same story is repeated eight times in the film installation, with little variation. There are four actors of different genders playing the same roles.

Technical description

Eight one minute videos are shown in succession on four back projection screens. Eight audio showers are placed above and between the screens to emphasize the location and direction of the movement and action in the videos. The audio landscape is distinctly concrete, even if occasionally non-realistic, there is no music.


The installation was exhibited in Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, September 5th -28th, 2014.

Video still.



Director, editing, image post production: Minna Långström
Cinematographer : Mikko Levoska
Sound designer: Elina Hyvärinen
Lighting designer: Erik Kenttä
Actors: Andrea Björkholm, Elias Keränen, Greta Mandelin, Pietu Wikström
Extras: Marjatta Korpelainen, Jouko Hokkanen, Risto Erjanko
Make up: Jonna Karlström
Production assistants: Mirja Oksanen, Niko Tiranis
Projectors, screens and audio showers in Gallery Sinne: PROAV Saarikko Oy


Glass artist Juha Danson, Liinu Grönlund, Raine Heikkinen / The Cable Factory, Oliver Whitehead

"A boy’s first war is against himself, against what is soft and weak in him—his emotion, his
vulnerability, his tenderness.”

-"The Wars we inherit - Military Life, Gender Violence, and Memory" by Lori E. Amy, Temple University Press, 2010


Technical details: The video is played from four Bright Sign or other synchronized media players. Each player plays an 8 minute video. The video image is back-projected onto four cemi transparent surfaces suspended from the roof. The audio is 5 channel surround sound played from speakers above each projection screen.

Photos of To Melt