To Melt (Short film)



Somewhere in time a person carries a package, then drops it to the ground with a crash. Someone else explores the content of the box. The story is repeated in what first appears to be an endless loop. However, a slow change does take place. Absence of war and violence eventually allows for traumas to melt.


To Melt (2015) is an audiovisual poem about intergenerational transmissions of memories. The same story is repeated eight times in the film, with little variation. Two characters are played by seven actors in order to emphasize that the film is about any person, and subsequently the film also explores the concept of identification with characters in films.

"To melt talks about the structure and experience of violence through its aesthetics. The fragmentary narrative speaks of the trauma of both the individual and the entire culture. Thought and affect, sound and silence meet in the symbol of trauma that the piece depicts. The repeating story of To melt reminds one of a traumatic memory brought back to life through dreams. The memories are searching for their correct form; the events never appear the same twice.

These small changes tell us about the procedural nature of traumatic experience, the way in which the trauma changes and progresses amid an expressionless, motionless silence. The changes also imbue the work with the feeling of a dream. "

- Sini Mononen - quote from Mononen's essay in the artbook To Melt, appearing in April 2016 from the publisher Poesia.

Duration: 7min

Shooting format: 4K UHD

Screening format: DCP/5 channel surround sound, or HD/Stereo


Director, editing, image post production: Minna Långström
Cinematographer : Mikko Levoska

Music: Jani Lehto
Sound designer: Elina Hyvärinen, Jani Lehto
Lighting designer: Erik Kenttä
Actors: Andrea Björkholm, Elias Keränen, Greta Mandelin, Pietu Wikström
Extras: Marjatta Korpelainen, Jouko Hokkanen, Risto Erjanko
Make up: Jonna Karlström

Production assistants: Mirja Oksanen, Niko Tiranis
Projectors, screens and audio showers in Gallery Sinne: PROAV Saarikko Oy


Juha Danson, Liinu Grönlund, Raine Heikkinen / The Cable Factory, Oliver Whitehead

Photos of To Melt (Film)