The Other Side of Mars was screened as part of a lecture series Landscape Revisited at the Helsinki University of Arts, organized by professor and artist Sigrid Sandström. A book with essays and photographs based on the lectures was later published, by the university press. It is available here.


The Other Side of Mars was also screened at the group exhibition Hommage á Lauri Anttila at the Academy of Fina Arts’ gallery at the University of the Arts, Helsinki, 1.12–14.1.2024. Part of celebrating the 175 years since the establishment of the Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition honored the teaching work of Lauri Anttila (1938—2022), a long-time rector and professor of the Academy of Fine Arts. Lauri Anttila was a pioneer in artistic research, a reformer of art and artist education, and an esteemed and well-liked teacher. In his works, Lauri Anttila often referred to the legacy of the past influencing the present time. The exhibition explores the influence that Anttila’s work has had on the younger artist generations. Featured invited artists include Anttila’s students from various decades and artists who carry on the spirit of his art.

Lauri Anttila, Lauri Astala, Euro & Kiiveri, Shoji Kato, Petri Kaverma, Jussi Kivi, Tuomas A. Laitinen, Minna Långström, Tuula Närhinen, Marjatta Oja, Katarina Reuter, Leena Saarinen, Jyrki Siukonen, Markus Tuormaa, Elina Vainio, Milja Viita, Marko Vuokola

The exhibition was curated by Rikka Stewen and Hanna Johansson. A printed and online exhibition publication was produced.