• MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, 2003.
• Exchange studies and practical training at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, 1998/1-2000/10
• BA, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, 1999
• The Nordic School of Art, Kokkola, Finland, 1994-95/5
Specialiserings(konst)linjen, Gymnasiet Svenska Normallyceum, Helsinki, 1991-94


Photosphere, short documentary, 17 min, 2020.
The Other Side of Mars, documentary, 56 min, 2019.
Photons of Mars, 3 channel film installation, 2019.
Being Increasingly, 3 channel documentary film installation, 2017.
To Melt, Experimental film, 8 min, 2014.
To Melt, 4 channel video installation, 8 min loop, 2014.
The Line, Short Film, 15 min, 2012.
Thin Membrane, video installation, 20 min loop, 2013.
The Sleep Lab, video installation, 2007.
The Chinese Room, 3D animation, 15 min, 2003, Virta Productions Oy/Ltd
Monument for the Invisible, 15 min, short film, 2004, Director: Anu Pennanen Producer: Minna Långström, Virta Productions Oy/Ltd


• Helsinki International Film Festival, Next Level Shorts – program, September 2022, “Photosphere”
• Pori Film Festival,
Finland, Radiosilmä screening program, October 2022. “Photosphere”
• IF Screening N°25,
Institut Finlandais, Paris, June, 2021, “The Other Side of Mars”
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Check Republic, October 2019. “The Other Side of Mars”
Buffalo International Film Festival, USA, October 2019. “The Other Side of Mars”
Bergen International Film Festival, Norway, September 2019. “The Other Side of Mars”
Doc Point Festival, Helsinki, 2019. “The Other Side of Mars”
Jaipur International Film Festival, India, January 2020. “The Other Side of Mars”
Doc Lounge, Tampere, 2019. “The Other Side of Mars”
55th International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc October 2020, “The Other Side of Mars”
PariScience International Film Festival, November 2020, “The Other Side of Mars”
Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, October 2019, “The Other Side of Mars”
Vienna Science Film Festival, 2020, “The Other Side of Mars”
Raw Science Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2020, “The Other Side of Mars”
InScience International Film Festival, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, November 2019, “The Other Side of Mars”.
Backup festival in Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany, 2016, “To Melt”.
Mirror Mountain Film Festival, Ottawa, Canada, December 3rd, 2016, “To Melt”.
Busan International Art Film Festival, BIAFF, December 22-23, 2016, “To Melt”.
The European Filmfestival, Moscow, October 22nd, 2016. “To Melt”.
Artova Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland, Sept 9-10th, 2016. “To Melt”.
Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, July 28th-31st, “To Melt”.
Experiments in Cinema Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, April 5-10, 2016, “To Melt”.
Blow Up Chicago Arthouse Film Festival, 2015. “To Melt”.
Lens Politica Film and Media Art Festival, Helsinki, 2012. “The Line”.
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, ASFF, York, UK,8.11-11.11 20128.11-11.11 2012, “The Line”.
Simrishamn International Art Film Festival, Sweden 2004, “The Chinese Room”.
Arctic Glory Filmfestival, Finland, 2004, “The Chinese Room”.
Uppsala Film Festival, Sweden, 18-24 October 2004,  “The Chinese Room”.
Tampere Filmfestival, 3-7.3 2004, Finland. “The Chinese Room”.


• ”Best Technology Film” – Vienna Science Film Festival, 2020.
• ”Special Achievement Award for the cinematography ” Red Rock Film Festival, Utah, 2020.
• ”A Testimony on Knowledge” – award Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2019.
William Thuring- award, Finnish Artists’ Association, 2017.
Honorary Mention, Art and Artificial Life – VIDA 6.0 -Competition, Madrid, 2003.


Leiden University Observatory, “More Than Planet” exhibition curated by Miha Turšič, The Waag Society, July 1st-December 23rd, 2022, “Photons of Mars”.
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen, 2022, “Photosphere”.
MMOMA, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Group show “Together, Noting” curated by Margarita Osepyan, 11.29.2021-01.29.2022, “To Melt”- four channel film installation
Helsinki Kunsthalle, Group show “AISTIT” curated by Satu Herrala and Hans Rosenström, “Photons of Mars”.
CYFEST, St Petersburgh, Stieglitz State Academy, 10.9-10.23.2021
Galleria Fikka @ Porvoo Kunsthalle, 3.3.- 27.3.2022, “Photosphere”.
Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands, 14-9-2019 – 6-10-2019.Supre:organism, a Waag Society group exhibition curated by Miha Turšič, “Photons of Mars”-film installation
Elverket in Ekenäs, Finland, November 2017. “Being Increasingly”, 3 screen film installation
Xidan Culture Square, Bejing, as part of Helsinki City’s cultural event in Bejing, May 2016.
Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany, 25 July – 12 October 2014, “Matters of Time, Artists From Finland” ,curated by Holger Kube Ventura. “Thin Membrane”- video installation
ISEA2014, 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Dubai, 2014. “Thin Membrane”
Sinne Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, 5.-28.9.2014, To Melt, four channel film installation.
Titanik Galleria, Turku,31.1-24.2 201331.1-24.2 2013, Thin Membrane and other installations.
Ars Anttoinen, 22.6.-5.8.2012, group exhibition, “The Game of Choice”, interactive installation.
Galleria Forum Box (Mediaboxi), Helsinki, Finland, “The Line – Four Projections”, 26.4-20.5 -12, part of film series curated by AV-Arkki
MUU Gallery, 14.4-3.5 2009, Helsinki, Finland , The Game of Choice and other installations.
Korjaamo Galleria, Helsinki,16.02-04.03 200716.02-04.03 2007, “The Sleep Lab”, participatory installation. Part of AV-Arkki’s View Festival.
Gallery Inter Access, Toronto, Canada, 19.1 – 19.2, 2006, exhibition with Jaakko Niemelä, curated by Nina Czegledy. “The Bubble” – participatory video installation.
Kunsthalle Lophem, Belgium, May–August 2006. Group exhibition curated by Roland Patteeuw. “The Sleep Lab”-video installation.
• Media Art From Finland, Boston Cyberarts Festival, USA,15.4-15.5 200515.4-15.5 2005
BBC big screen, Liverpool outdoor TV screen, UK. 2 weeks, March 05. “Liverpool Dreaming”- short film.
• Fast Forward, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden, Germany, 13.3-25.4. 04. Group exhibition curated by Elke Gruhn. ”The Chinese Room”- participatory Installation.
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, 21.3-18.5 200321.3-18.5 2003, “The Chinese Room”-participatory installation at Kiasma’s Mediatek, curated by Perttu Rastas.


Film producer and founder of the film production company Virta Productions Oy / Ltd and producer, 2002-2008
Artistic Director at Lens Politica – film and media art festival, 2006-2009
Member of the board of AV-Arkki, Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art 2012-2014
Senior lecturer in Moving Image at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Jan2008-Dec2012
Chair of the Finnish Bioart Society, 2014 – 2016


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