Dreams of Liverpool

Dreams of Liverpool

Community video project in Liverpool, 2005

Dreams of Liverpool is a video piece about communal dreaming as a crosspoint of different attitudes and thinking.

In this video inhabitants of Liverpool become storytellers sharing their hopes and visions. They come from different age groups and various backgrounds transmitting the codes assimilated from the contexts they live in – from Tenantspin and Alan Dunn, community media project and public access TV channel that has grown its media orientation and encompassed arts, and a youth organization in Liverpool.
Broadcast on the BBC Big Screen in the city commercial centre for two spring weeks Dreams of Liverpool expanded the busy profit-making street and space around with the intimate substance of dreams.

The video was made during a residency at FACT, Foundation for Art and Technology, Liverpool, 2005.


With many thanks to FACT, Alan Dunn and the Liverpool residents who participated in the project. Alan Dunn, then project manager of the critically acclaimed Tenantspin Community Arts project which is operated within FACT, Liverpool’s Collaborations and Engagement Department, engaged community members in the Dreams of Liverpool-project, discussing their dreams as well as filming and recording.