PhotospherePhotosphereShort documentary (2021), installation, (2020) Photosphere is a video and 16mm film installation including a research area with various background study material accentuating epistemological modus operandi of photography. The film follows solar physicist Sara Martin in her peculiar garden outside Los Angeles, California, setting up her solar telescope while reflecting on her work. The installation [...]

The Other Side of Mars

The Other Side of Mars The Other Side of MarsDocumentary, 2019 The documentary film The Other Side of Mars is a “space Odyssey” into the very nature of human perception,  exploring what Martian photography and its history can tell us about our relationship to images. The documentary endeavour to hack the mystery of images’ grasp [...]

Being, Increasingly

Being, IncreasinglyBeing, Increasingly3 channel film installation, 2017 Being, increasingly is a Gesamtkunstverk centered around a 3-channel  installation that combines video with dimensional and optical elements.  The exhibition creates a spatial moving portrait of the ethnologist and anthropologist Hilma Granqvist (1890–1972) during the time she spent in two cultures before the second world war: Finland and [...]

To Melt

To MeltTo MeltShort film and 4 Channel Film Installation, 2014 To Melt is an audiovisual poem about human capacity to transcend memory that comes in two versions, one is a four channel video installation in which the space is overturned into a dream domain while the other translates that intangible aura into the form of [...]

The Line

The LineThe LineShort film, 2012 The Line is a short film about myths surrounding the notion of femininity. A woman dreams about the complexity of projections and their origins provoked by a line in Ingmar Bergman's film Persona. The film is divided into chapters – projections that correspond to Bergman's line “I want to have [...]

The Chinese Room

The Chinese RoomThe Chinese RoomShort film and Interactive Installation, 2003 The Chinese Room is a 3D animation and participatory installation about intimacy and alienation during times of surveillance voyeurism. In the installation the viewer follows two animated characters on different video channels as they live their daily lives. The characters' living spaces and offices are [...]

The Widow of Colonel Notara

The Widow of Colonel NotaraThe Widow of Colonel NotaraShort film, 2005, collaboration with Samon Takahashi The Widow of Colonel Notara is a frisky short film and collaboration with French artist and musician Samon Takahashi about a haunting past that can reach one out while enjoying simple activities. The film references the story of Colonel A.D. [...]