The Widow of Colonel Notara

The Widow of Colonel Notara

Short film, 2005, collaboration with Samon Takahashi

The Widow of Colonel Notara is a frisky short film and collaboration with French artist and musician Samon Takahashi about a haunting past that can reach one out while enjoying simple activities.

The film references the story of Colonel A.D. Notara, a Russian officer who was cruelly killed during the Sveaborg Rebellion in the summer of 1906. The legend says that the phantom of the headless colonel still haunts the island of Suomenlinna. Some large amounts of coffee with sugar on this remote fortress island can produce a narcotic effect opening up to paranormal. The beautiful rocky shore blends with the living room’s tea table, sugar forceps in the shape of claws drops sugar cubes in the dark liquid, reality swirls into darkness with occasional flashes of dim light and a piercing grinding soundtrack. Once the white light fills the screen for some long seconds before coming back to distinct outlines one wonders whether there was a partner in coffee at all.


This experimental short film was made as a collaboration by Minna Långström and Samon Takahashi. It was shot during one day with a mini-DV camera.

Filming and editing: Minna Långström

Music: Samon Takahashi