Upcoming events for the fall 2021 and spring 2022 include the film The Other Side of Mars beeing screened as part of the AISTIT /coming to our senses exhibition and PØLAR Film Festival at the Institut Finlandais in Paris, in May if the local Covid -19 situation allows.

The Photons of Mars installation will be shown as part of the AISTIT / coming to our senses group exhibition in Helsinki Kunsthalle in August, 2021, curated by Satu Herrala and Hans Rosenström.

In November the Photons of Mars installation will also be shown at CyFest-13, at the Stieglitz State Academy in St Petersburg, as part of the program MARS: Facts and Fiction curated by Nina Czegledy and Lydia Griaznova.

Later in November the installation To Melt will be shown as part of the group exhibition “together, noting”, at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, MMOMA. The exhibition is curated by Margarita Osepyan.

In March 2022 the film installation Photosphere will be shown at Gallery Fikka at Porvoo Kunsthalle, invited by artist Milja Viita who is part of the gallery curatorial team .